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Brangus Cattle is
our priority

Running Luce Ranch breeding objectives are focused on priorities which are selected to align with the performance objectives for the commercial rancher. While we are happy to support future ranchers with our show cow prospects, our primary focus is on raising Brangus cattle which will impact the bottom line for the cattlemen who choose us for their replacement bulls and heifers.

The top priority for our registered Brangus cattle is to produce structurally sound, maternal, moderate- framed functional cattle with exceptional conformance.

Secondly, we target the EPDs (expected progeny differences) which have the most significant impact on the rancher’s bottom line; low Birth Weight, Calving Ease and Weaning Weight EDPs. These EPDs are prioritized in order to ensure production and prevent value loss associated with a lost calf or cow at birth while optimizing revenue at the sale barn.

Retaining balance

Lastly, we work to retain balance in all EPDs and improve overall performance without compromising conformance and soundness and low Birth Weight, Calving Ease and Weaning Weight EPD priorities. This is accomplished by preferentially selecting animals and genetics to infuse into our heard which meet the primary objectives while improving the Fertility Index (which combines Heifer Pregnancy, Days to Calving, Stayability, Calving Ease, Mature Cow Weight, Scrotal Circumference Ultrasound Fat Thickness, Birth Weight and Milk) and Terminal Index (which combines Hot Carcass Weight, Marbling, Yield Grade, Calving Ease, Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Ultrasound Ribeye Area and Ultrasound Percent Intramuscular Fat). The use of the Fertility Index and Terminal Index allows us to evaluate the overall performance benefits prior to selecting the animals or genetics that we incorporate and retain in our herd.

Our bulls are not finished in a lot. They are finished on natural forage in traps large enough for them to travel and build the stamina and endurance needed to perform with the free choice supplement needed to support optimal development.

The ultimate aim of our breeding program is to provide top-performing superior registered Brangus cattle that deliver reproductive efficiencies and long-term gains for your ranch!

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